CareerWise New York

With the commitment of the HERE to HERE Business Council, a multi-industry coalition of business leaders, we are launching CareerWise New York (CWNY). Powered and incubated by HERE to HERE, CareerWise New York is an example of our current work to align stakeholders, demonstrate what works, and tackle roadblocks to expanding work-based learning. In partnership with CareerWise Colorado, HERE to HERE is adapting the Swiss youth apprenticeship system, which is widely regarded as the gold standard in apprenticeship.

CareerWise New York provides new and needed robust pathways for students that lead to well-paying, in-demand, entry-level jobs. It braids traditional learning with workplace learning, and demands committed engagement between young people and employers to ensure work-ready students positioned for success, and qualified, diverse talent that allows businesses to thrive.

CWNY connects the complex systems of education and industry. Leveraging HERE to HERE’s existing high school and employer networks, CWNY creates a three-year applied-learning environment for students, focused in growing NYC industries, such as IT, financial services, and business operations. For employers, CWNY offers businesses a hands-on role in developing work-ready talent and a talent-acquisition strategy to innovate and grow their business.

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By the end of the apprenticeship businesses gain:

  • Positive ROI based on the value of apprentices’ productivity

  • Reduced turnover costs and increased employee retention rates

  • A talent pipeline of skilled and loyal workers for hard-to-fill positions

  • Industry-driven and flexible training solutions

While students gain:

  • A high school degree

  • 24-30 postsecondary credits

  • Earnings over the three-year period for hours worked

  • Professional networks and industry recognized work experience

  • The option to work in the industry; continue to work and pursue their degree, potentially financed by their employer; or attend college full-time

Interested in learning more about youth apprenticeship?

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