Our Work with High Schools

The High School Network supports ten Bronx high schools , nearly 4,000 students, to help young people access real-world work experience, build professional networks, and analyze and understand the labor market, while providing resources to teachers and school staff to implement and expand programs that support work-based learning.

Our Goal is to create learning environments that ensure high school students make intentional postsecondary decisions informed by their interests and passions, internship experiences, and an awareness of the postsecondary options that drive them toward rewarding, family-sustaining careers.

Action Strategies

Build a network of high schools dedicated to providing students, staff, parents, and other adult supports with the tools needed to advance young people’s careers and educations.

Work across silos to provide opportunities for students by championing curricula aligned with the NYC Career Readiness Compact and Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS), supporting school participation in SYEP’s school-based initiative, engaging select schools in CareerWise New York (CWNY), a youth apprenticeship, and strengthening employer partnerships to build the infrastructure needed to support student opportunity.

Make best practice common practice by identifying key distinguishers integral to high school design, including structured college and career readiness programs, comprehensive advisement programs, work-based learning programs that provide paid experiences, and staff committed to executing work-based learning programs. HERE to HERE’s goal is for this work to inform the Department of Education’s practices and policies.

The Impact 

The impact of our high school work has been positive across key performance metrics, including graduations rates, college and career readiness, and number of paid summer experiences:

  • 79% of students in the HERE to HERE Network graduate, compared to 66% in other Bronx Borough DOE Schools.

  • 43% of students in the HERE to HERE Network are college and career ready, compared to 34% in the Bronx Borough DOE Schools.

  • 30% of students in the HERE to HERE Network complete paid summer internships.



● Bronx Leadership Academy II

● Bronx Academy for Software Engineering

● Bronx International

● Comp Sci High

● DreamYard Prep

● Fannie Lou Hamer

● HERO High School

● Lab School of Finance and Technology

● South Bronx Community Charter School

● University Heights


● Bronx Community College

● CUNY Central

● Guttman Community College

● Hostos Community College

● Lehman College

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● Academy for College Preparation & Career Exploration

● Academy of Innovative Technology

● Boys and Girls High School

● Bronx High School of Business

● Bronx International High School

● Bronx Leadership Academy II High School

● Brooklyn Generation

● Brooklyn Theatre Arts High School

● Cultural Academy for the Arts and Sciences

● DreamYard Preparatory High School

● Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School

● HERO High School

● High School for Global Citizenship

● Laboratory School of Finance and Technology

● South Bronx Community Charter High School

● University Heights High School


By joining the HERE to HERE Network, schools gain access to our support network and staff to add capacity to existing programs. This includes: brokering new partnerships and programs for your school, assisting with the development of school internship programs, providing resources for supporting internship programs such as toolkits and mentorship guides, aid in development of work-based learning curriculum, and access to staff coaching and data/management tools such as Big Picture Learning’s internship management platform, ImBlaze. Collectively, Network schools are affecting a powerful paradigm shift in the way we think about college and career readiness. If your school is interested in joining the Network, please contact us using the information listed below.