At HERE to HERE, we believe that the words we use to speak about individuals, communities, and institutions matter: words have the capacity to correct biases and transform understanding, but they also have the potential to perpetuate harmful ideas that lead to increased inequity.

To explore this idea further, our staff set out to create The HERE to HERE Language Guide: A Resource for Using Asset-Based Language with Young People. This guide–informed by students; available to those who work with and for students—investigates the language surrounding young people in The Bronx and NYC, and how this language impacts not only their feelings about their environments, but also their sense of self, connection to their community, and connection to work and learning. This guide was developed out of responses from Bronx high schoolers based on our belief that inclusive spaces in which young people thrive must be driven by students and their needs. 

Centering students is critical to HERE To HERE’s mission to enhance paths to rewarding careers for young people in The Bronx and New York City. To learn more about our student voice work, visit Our Strategy. Learn more about our Fall 2020, Words Matter webinar event. Watch the webinar recording here.

Download H2H-Language-Guide_A-Resource-for-Using-Asset-Based-Language-with-Young-People.pdf