Join us for our summer celebration!

About this event

We acknowledge your commitment and dedication to supervising our young people during the summer of 2019. Without your support, we would not be able to provide quality work-based learning opportunities to youth in the Bronx. We hope you were able to join the PIC year-end celebration as this is an event celebrating you as well.

This event was an opportunity for you all to meet the wonderful young people who worked at PIC businesses this summer 2019 and see presentations from the Thinkubator, a pilot program that has Bronx students working on challenges facing Bronx PIC businesses.

This summer, the businesses of the Bronx PIC provided over 400 internships to high school students and over 250 for students in the HERE to HERE high school network.  We are incredibly excited about the amazing work you’ve all done to provide opportunities for young people and to enhance your businesses with their talent. Thank you!

Event details:

Date: Friday, August 16th

Location: 463 E. 149th St. Bronx, NY

Time: 3-5 pm