1. Morely, 23

    Lehman College

  2. Makan

    Makan, 18

    SUNY Oswego

  3. Lourjely, 16

    University Heights High School

  4. Rhonda, 25

    Lehman College Graduate

  5. Omar, 18

    University of Buffalo

  6. Cassidy, 25

    Hostos Community College Graduate

  7. Jalene

    Jalene, 16

    The Laboratory School of Finance and Technology

We believe the talent of young people fuels our economy and our world. Yet, too often, we discuss and make changes without engaging young people, despite the fact that these changes often affect them the most. 

At HERE to HERE, we prioritize the thoughts and opinions of young people and amplify their voices by creating platforms for them to weigh in on school, city, and state decisions that affect them; inform program and school design; and become leaders of social and economic changes that will create a brighter future for their peers and community. 

Our vision is a thriving, inclusive economy, in The Bronx and elsewhere, driven by partnerships between young people and employers. To achieve this vision, employers, educators, and other stakeholders must align to create collective change that benefits young people, businesses, and communities.

Critical to this work is hearing directly from young people and highlighting students’ work-based learning experiences, successes, and challenges. We invite you to learn about some of the brilliant students we serve and hear their stories.

Young People Leading the Way

  • Watch how students at our Winter 2020 Work-Based Learning Student Summit used their voice to advocate for work-based learning.
  • Read work informed by youth leaders, partnership, and collaboration, including our One Step Closer report, which calls for the expansion and enhancement of work-based learning as a means of combating concerning increases in inequity, and our Language Guide, a student-driven resource for using asset-based language.
  • Watch our Student Ambassador-led Adapting SYEP Virtual Summit 2020, a virtual conference held in response to budget cuts tied to SYEP as a result of the pandemic.
  • Read about how students organized, fought, and ultimately restored SYEP opportunities for thousands of young people in Summer 2020 in The Story of #SaveSYEP, a publication from HERE to HERE and Teens Take Charge. Check out footage from the release and launch event, here.