Our Mission

HERE to HERE enhances paths to rewarding careers for young people by uniting employers, educators, and community-based organizations beginning in The Bronx and New York City. Our vision is a thriving, inclusive economy, in The Bronx and elsewhere, driven by meaningful partnerships between young people and employers.

Our Strategy

HERE to HERE is a critical connector between students, educators, and employers. We analyze the big picture, research best practices, and bring leaders together to change education and employment systems in The Bronx and beyond.

There are many organizations thinking about the future of work and education, but it takes financial resources, trusted partnerships, and a strategic perspective to redefine the systems that unfairly burden Bronx Black and Brown students as they pursue their career ambitions. The challenges are often interrelated, and there are limits to what any single person or single organization can do alone.

Every day, we mobilize the collective expertise of students, business leaders, educators, and local leaders to bridge the gap between education and meaningful careers for all young people.

HERE to HERE Partners to

  • Align all key stakeholders along the shared goal of launching young people successfully into the labor market.
  • Codify, invest, and demonstrate specific strategies and approaches that both prepare students for future careers and support employers in finding the talent they need.
  • Translate proven strategies into policy and practice so that ALL students and employers benefit.

Our Approach

HERE to HERE’s northstar is an effective youth talent development system that braids work experience into each young person’s academic journey. Key principles for this braided pathway approach are as follows:

  • Student-centered
  • Educational institutions and employers share responsibility for talent development
  • Multiple pathways to success that are permeable and have no dead ends
  • Learning in the workplace is recognized and valued by academia
  • Builds student social capital

An effective youth talent development system must work well for all—not only an exceptional few students—contribute to employers’ success, and benefit the regional economy. 

Everyday our team works with many types of partners to realize this northstar. To get there, we elevate student career success as the primary, shared goal of educators, public agencies, employers, and others who seek a thriving, inclusive economy. We also champion the organizations and people effectively pursuing this work to uplift best practice. To expand these strategies to reach all Bronx and NYC students, we then work to make best practice common practice.

Work-Based Learning in Action

Work-based learning opportunities offer young people real-work contexts to explore career paths, apply academic learning, develop technical skills, and build a professional network. Such opportunities provide young people with the perspective to make important academic and career decisions, develop a deeper sense of their passions, and build their workforce readiness. At the same time, work-based learning opportunities introduce businesses to the next generation of talent and provide them with strategies to hire and retain young workers.

HERE to HERE partners with schools and employers to braid work-based learning opportunities into the academic experiences of Bronx and NYC students. Our goal is to demonstrate scalable strategies and grow quality work-based learning opportunities for students. We are particularly focused on developing braided pathways in partnership with NYC public high schools and The City University of New York (CUNY) colleges.

Moving from Demonstration of Best Practice to Scale

Too often, best practice fails to scale, remaining available to too few students. HERE to HERE works alongside young people, businesses, and communities to make the case for changing institutional policies and practices to prioritize student career success. We do this by showing the value of work-based learning and advocating for policy changes that make best practice available to all students. 

We conduct and review research, codify and document best practice, and advocate for the programs and policies that drive an effective youth talent development system. Central to such a system is increasing access to high quality, employer-engaged work-based learning experiences and career pathways for students in grade 9-16 institutions and New York City businesses. For high school and postsecondary institutions, this means changes to policies and funding streams that guide how schools provide education that prepares students for lifelong career success. For businesses, this includes changing the role employers play in developing talent and connecting to their communities.

Raising Student Voice

To achieve our vision of an equitable, inclusive economy, stakeholders must align. Yet all too often we discuss and make changes without engaging students, those most affected by institutional change. Recognizing this, HERE to HERE places student voice at the center of our work. We partner with students and demonstrate authentic co-creation with young people, not only to promote work-based learning, but also to support student participation in the design of work-based learning opportunities in their school and community.

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Increasing Our Impact 

HERE to HERE is proud to have partnered and incubated The Thinkubator, CareerWise New York, and the HERE to HERE Business Council, the latter of which has scaled and evolved into the New York Jobs CEO Council, which works closely with CareerWise New York. Additionally, in response to the impact of COVID-19 on The Bronx community, we actively partnered with a number of organizations to launch The Bronx Community Relief Effort.