Meet our Educator Partners

We work with high school and postsecondary institutions to help them embed and enhance work-based learning opportunities for young people in The Bronx and NYC.

Education Partners

  1. Academy for College Preparation & Career Exploration
  2. Academy of Innovative Technology
  3. Boys and Girls High School
  4. Bronx Academy for Software Engineering
  5. Bronx Community College
  6. Bronx High School of Business
  7. Bronx International
  8. Bronx Leadership Academy II High School
  9. Brooklyn Generation School
  10. Brooklyn Theatre Arts High School
  11. Comp Sci High
  12. Cultural Academy for the Arts and Sciences
  13. CUNY Central
  14. DreamYard Preparatory School
  15. Fannie Lou Hamer High School
  16. Guttman Community College
  17. HERO High School
  18. High School for Global Citizenship
  19. Hostos Community College
  20. Lab School of Finance and Technology
  21. Lehman College
  22. South Bronx Community Charter High School
  23. University Heights High School