HERE to HERE believes in a thriving, inclusive economy, in The Bronx and elsewhere, driven by meaningful partnerships between young people and employers.

Our goal is to enhance paths to rewarding careers for young people by uniting employers, educators, and community-based organizations beginning in The Bronx and New York City.

Why We Do What We Do

U.S. employers are struggling to effectively match talent to the right opportunities and to develop predictable recruitment pipelines so they can grow. Yet millions of young adults who could potentially fill those well-paying positions are not gaining the skills and networks needed to attain them. Here in New York, companies in robust industries like healthcare, finance, and tech remain disconnected from talent pools located in their own backyard.

At the same time, promising programs exist within and outside The Bronx to support young people in building their futures. But they often operate in isolation or only reach a few individuals who happen to be in the right place at the right time.

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The Work

Our work is far-reaching, and we aren’t afraid to stretch in order to achieve our goals. Our efforts are rooted in our deep relationships with our partners and community. While we try new approaches, we base our work in three foundational areas:


We are investing in building the connections and culture that support our work, including opening new community hubs where all of our partners can collaborate and develop shared solutions.


Everyone wants young people to succeed, but truly coordinated action does not organize itself. It is not enough for educators to talk just with other educators, or employers just with other employers. We coordinate actionable steps for entire communities to come together because no one entity can do this work alone.


Too often, the term “best practice” denotes an approach that is effective, but rare. We are not just identifying ideas that work — we are helping others make them routine.