Our Impact

We measure our success by how well-positioned young people in The Bronx and NYC are to enter careers that offer choice, stability, and the opportunity to care for their families and community. A strong career means young people should thrive, not just survive. 

It takes an entire ecosystem of partnerships to make this happen. Therefore, we look beyond student success metrics like grades or college acceptance and instead measure our impact by how well we are able to influence and collaborate with institutions that educate, support, and ultimately hire students. If we only look at the end result of student outcomes, the burden to succeed or fail falls to the student and not the systems on which they depend to achieve their dreams. 

At HERE to HERE, we work methodically to study and examine practices—both locally and globally—that work, and then advocate for the policies and investments that expand on traditional pathways of career preparation by bringing together work and learning so that all young people, not just a few, achieve meaningful careers.

Our Impact on Employers

When employers are able to actively participate in the design and implementation of workforce development initiatives, we create a more prepared workforce and a deep base of local talent from which employers can recruit.

Our Impact on Educators

When educators have access to support and a robust pool of potential employers for students, they are able to better provide students with paid work experiences and other college and career preparation resources.

We also advocate for policy change that enables students to gain the work experience, knowledge, and support needed to make informed choices about what’s next for their education and career.

Our Impact on Students

When high school and CUNY students are able to gain real-world experience through meaningful work, they are able to connect classroom learning with future careers and graduate with the experience employers need to build a high-talent workforce.