Our Impact

Our impact is measured by the outcomes of young people and how well-positioned they are to secure family-sustaining careers and choice-filled lives. We believe that ensuring positive outcomes for all students in The Bronx and NYC requires that we measure our impact not just on students themselves but also on the institutions and systems that educate, support, and ultimately hire students. Using specific demonstrations as evidence of what works, we advocate for practices, policies, and investments—the critical systems change—that better braid work and learning so that quality opportunities are accessible to all young people, not just a few.

Our Impact on Employers

A unified employer voice is critical to driving systems change:

  • HERE to HERE has coalesced employer voice through two councils: The HERE to HERE Business Council and The Bronx Private Industry Council (PIC).
  • Participation in these councils offers employers the opportunity to become producers of talent and inform in-school curriculum and training programs.
  • Participation also opens opportunities for young people: collectively, the councils have hosted over 900 interns and apprentices through their partnership with HERE to HERE since 2017, contributing to a more prepared workforce, better-connected systems of work and learning, and codification of critically needed policy and practice change.


Our Impact on Educators

We currently work with ten Bronx high schools, a growing number of NYC high schools through Careerwise New York, CUNY Central, and specific CUNY campuses to offer supports that help educators provide their students with paid work experiences and other college and career preparation resources.


We also advocate for policy change that enables students to graduate with the experience and support needed to make informed choices about what’s next for their education and career.


Our Impact on Students

  • Between 2017-2019, we helped facilitate over 2,500 paid work experiences for high school students in The Bronx and NYC. 
  • In 2019, each of our ten Bronx high school partners placed 30% or more of their students in paid summer experiences.
  • In 2019, 85 students joined the first cohort of CareerWise New York, an apprenticeship model that provides new and needed pathways that lead students to well-paying, in-demand, entry-level jobs.

Our Mission

Our impact to date ties directly to our mission to enhance paths to rewarding careers for young people by uniting employers, educators, and community-based organizations beginning in The Bronx and New York City. Through our efforts with various stakeholders, we’re demonstrating work-based learning models and partnerships that work—benefiting students, schools, employers, and communities, and driving the public and private policy and practice changes critical to creating a robust, inclusive economy.