COVID-19 and its devastating impact have unmasked what many have always known. Racism exists. Inequality exists. An economy that was seemingly flourishing for all was only flourishing for some. 

HERE to HERE is committed to The Bronx and listening to members and leaders in The Bronx and NYC community to understand where the needs are greatest. Through our conversations, we know that health, financial security, and well-being are paramount. Read more about how we’re standing with our partners.

Throughout the Spring and Summer of 2020 we focused on supporting:

The Bronx Community

The nation, and especially The Bronx, is being hit hard by COVID-19. In response to the pandemic, HERE to HERE joined a broad coalition of Bronx community leaders, including government officials, nonprofits, residents, and small businesses, to help launch The Bronx Community Relief Effort.

The Schools in Our Networks and the Students They Serve

Following the emergence of COVID-19, normal ways of operating were upended. The pandemic prompted educators to rapidly develop new ways of educating students as they shelter in place, many without the necessary tools to learn. We continue to listen intently and support our network schools in their transition to virtual learning.

CUNY and Its Students

Supporting CUNY students is vital to NYC’s recovery. CUNY and its students are the heart and future of New York City. As an institution that serves over 500,000 students and is a leader in moving low-income students into the middle class, CUNY must be a resource and partner in any NYC economic recovery plan. 

Policies That Center Youth Talent Development

We understand that the effects of COVID-19 compound and extend existing inequities and that those with the fewest resources stand to bear the greatest physical, emotional, and financial costs of this pandemic. Following the emergence of COVID-19, our policy and advocacy efforts addressed these communities first and foremost, namely by promoting virtual internships and supporting student advocacy to save Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP).

Learn more about our SYEP efforts here.

Looking Ahead

Our team has challenged ourselves not only to respond immediately to the emerging needs we see before us today but also to prepare for the immense investment our community will need tomorrow. 

We are marshaling the resources for our community to weather the longer economic storm while setting up Bronx and NYC students for success in the post-crisis world. By putting our talents and resources together, our students, our businesses, and our community as a whole will become stronger with a better, more equitable, and inclusive economy.

We remain deeply committed to the safety and welfare of all Bronx and NYC residents and will continue to inform our broader strategy with the immediate and long-term needs of our community.