The HERE to HERE Business Council

The HERE to HERE Business Council was created to build a better talent ecosystem in New York City. Recognizing the need to equip students with relevant skills and experience so they can compete for jobs in the thriving NYC job market, HERE to HERE formed a coalition of employers to partner with educators to ensure that students are being properly trained for 21st-century jobs. In addition, employers are reconsidering their own hiring practices which may unnecessarily inflate job requirements and credentials and that preclude qualified job candidates from entering the talent pipeline.

Business Council Mission

We believe the education system must better prepare students for the jobs that exist today and the new skills that are needed to keep up with the evolution of work in the years ahead. With a clearer focus on career readiness, businesses and educators will respond to the changing skill demands of employers by creating solutions that better prepare students for meaningful jobs, and help to ensure companies have the talent they need today and in the future. Further, the education system must be able to accommodate lifelong learners –workers who must retrain to keep up with the changing skill needs of the workplace.

At the same time, companies can explore partnering together to create a broader talent ecosystem that develops new approaches to attracting, transferring, and retaining talent across a broader ecosystem and challenging historical standards of employment that may no longer apply.

Our goal

We intend to influence New York City public K-12 schools, the City University of New York system, and the workforce ecosystem to better prepare students for educational, career and economic success through partnership, collaboration and mutual accountability.


The Impact

New approaches to developing, attracting and retaining talent are just components of an overall big vision that lies at the heart of the Business Council’s purpose. Eventually, the goal is to elevate the value of work in education and to create multiple opportunities for young people to reach their full potential and thrive in a career that is both in-demand and aligned with the student’s competencies and passions.