The Board of Directors of HERE to HERE is delighted to share the news that Abby Jo Sigal, Founding CEO, will be joining the Adams administration as the Executive Director for Talent and Workforce Development. In her new role, Abby will lead the City’s vision for cultivating talent and creating equitable opportunities for career success for all New Yorkers.

Abby has been central to HERE to HERE’s achievements, and she has led a team that develops, incubates, and launches demonstration models and composes important, original research that bridges the gap between school and work. In addition, the organization zeroes in on the policies, infrastructure, and partnerships necessary to transform the current youth talent development system to position NYC’s young people for future career success; to provide employers access to a robust talent pipeline; and to contribute to a thriving, inclusive economy.

Abby’s appointment is a huge win for our shared movement, and it signals the City’s commitment to place talent development at the heart of its economic development strategy. We are thankful for Abby’s contributions to advancing HERE to HERE’s mission, and we look forward to continuing to partner with her in the future.

We, HERE to HERE’s Board of Directors and staff, will continue to work closely with partners to maintain momentum and deepen impact into the future. We are fortunate to have a deep bench of talented and motivated staff, who together with key stakeholders in our community, will continue to support and elevate the young people who are at the core of everything we do.