In the spring of 2019 HERE to HERE launched The Bronx Private Industry Council (PIC), an innovative partnership between Bronx employers, educators, and community-based organizations. Through the work of The Bronx PIC and its members, HERE to HERE aimed to set new standards in New York City for internship opportunities to grow young people’s skills and talents, while working to meet the immediate and long-term needs of Bronx employers. By organizing and supporting the PIC, Bronx employers built a model to tap in-demand talent, contribute to aligning youth skills with employer needs, partner more effectively with educators, and provide our youth the opportunity to enhance their talents and network—while providing young people with access to critical job experience, networks, and knowledge.

In summer 2020, The Thinkubator, an initiative incubated by HERE to HERE’s Bronx PIC, launched as an independent organization. For more information on HERE to HERE’s field-building work and the evolution of the PIC, visit us here. For more information on The Thinkubator, visit them online.

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