Working over several years, a consortium of educators, employers, City officials, service providers, advocates, and private funders developed CareerReady NYC—a shared commitment to helping all NYC youth reach adulthood ready for sustained success in the world of work. A compact between New York City’s business community, education systems, government, private funders, and service providers, CareerReady NYC will open paths for our city’s youth to reach and be ready for the world of work by aligning and coordinating the work already underway—in K-12, public youth workforce programs, and postsecondary education. The CareerReady NYC strategy places a particular focus on young people in low-income and minority communities, who must receive equitable access to the work experiences, learning opportunities, professional networks, and supportive guidance they need to succeed. 

HERE to HERE supports CareerReady NYC and endorses its Career Readiness Framework (p. 16), a framework created by a team of practitioners, analysts, and educators that maps out developmentally age-appropriate activities for youth and helps build the foundation for career success.

Download CareerReady-NYC-Full-Report.pdf