The rapidly changing labor market and economy demand that work and learning are better connected. As the labor market shifts and inequities persist, it is important for postsecondary institutions to provide young people with the opportunities and foundational skills they need to compete in the labor market and increase their social mobility. The knowledge, skills, competencies, and credentials they receive at educational institutions cannot remain stagnant; they must remain connected to real employer needs and be portable between the workforce and education systems. 

Co-authored by HERE to HERE and JFF, this report highlights the elements—or key distinguishers—that make employer-postsecondary collaboration effective. The report provides examples of strong partnerships across the City University of New York (CUNY) system, which we believe is well-positioned to be at the forefront of reshaping our education system in a way that effectively responds to the evolving needs of students, employers, and the labor market. Through this report, we seek to identify, highlight, and promote practices that can address the existing challenges faced by students, postsecondary institutions, and employers, to fundamentally reshape our education systems for future generations.

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