While virtual experiences are increasingly looked at to combat the restrictions in place amid the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, HERE to HERE believes that these opportunities can not only solve for the immediate needs of young people and employers, but also become a viable future alternative to traditional placements—and an options multiplier for students. 

To realize this, HERE to HERE created a set of Key Distinguishers for Virtual Paid Work Experiences, a set of best practices, to guide work-based learning practice and assessment. By creating and supporting the implementation of our Key Distinguishers for Virtual Paid Work Experiences, we aim to hold virtual experiences to the same standard as traditional internships, and to provide students with the same benefits, learnings, and experiences they would otherwise gain through high-quality, on-site opportunities. 

Both HERE to HERE’s Key Distinguishers and Key Distinguishers for Virtual Paid Work Experiences provide intermediary and provider organizations—as well as employers and community-based organizations—with a guide for providing and implementing meaningful work experiences for young people. To learn more about how our Key Distinguishers fit into our mission and approach, visit Our Strategy.

Download Key-Distinguishers-for-Virtual-Paid-Work-Experiences.pdf