At HERE to HERE, we know that work-based learning activities greatly improve high school retention rates, graduation rates, and postsecondary preparedness. The Career Development Occupational Studies commencement credential, or CDOS, utilizes many of the same staffing and infrastructure as other work-based learning programs, positioning the credential as a powerful avenue for educators, policymakers, and organizations interested in expanding work-based learning opportunities for students in New York City High Schools. 

This HERE to HERE Policy Brief provides a comprehensive overview of the CDOS credential, its current uses and challenges, and its potential to amplify work-based learning in New York City high schools. Because CDOS and work-based learning require similar resources, and because strengthening CDOS-aligned programs can effectively strengthen work-based learning programs, supporting the credential is a smart, intentional investment in the academic and professional success of students.

Download The-CDOS-Pathway-Report_Fall-2019_Single.pdf