Every day HERE to HERE works to bridge the gap between education and meaningful, family-sustaining careers for all young people. We mobilize the collective expertise of our partners, champion and center students, and fight for programs that support young people on their path toward their professional goals. One such program is New York City’s Summer Youth Employment Program, or SYEP.

During the summer of 2020, following New York City’s cancellation of SYEP, young people came together and worked with other youth advocates to save the program for thousands of students. This report tells the story of that advocacy, showcasing the work of young people through the lens of the mediums they used to organize amidst the continued threat of the Covid pandemic—texts, TikToks, Zoom calls, and online petitions among other digital tools and assets. In sharing this student-led narrative, developed jointly with Teens Take Charge, HERE to HERE stands with its youth partners in The Bronx and NYC in affirming the importance of SYEP, the value of real-world learning experiences, and the vital role youth voice must play in systems change.

We know SYEP is an investment in the future well-being of all young people. We continue to build the case and advocate for better summer work programs and enhanced SYEP.

Download The-Story-of-SaveSYEP.pdf