Community Service Society of New York (CSS) is an informed, independent, and unwavering voice for positive action representing low-income New Yorkers. This report recognizes that much of the inequity exposed by the Covid-19 outbreak existed well before the crisis, and focuses on the pre-pandemic gaps in educational attainment and labor market outcomes between two groups: local millennials and transplants. In order to recover as a community and build back better, New York City must ensure any local economic recovery plan is focused on the needs of low-income immigrant and New York-born millennials, who bear the brunt of economic fallout due to massive job losses in industries that may be slow to recover. CSS recommends that the City enact a number of policy changes—including greater investment in CUNY, expanding focus on career preparation in high school, and increasing legal protections for tenants—to make our labor and housing landscapes more equitable for all millennials.

HERE to HERE looks to long-standing organizations like CSS and others in the field to better inform our work of championing all young people and redefining the systems that unfairly burden Black and Brown students as they pursue their career ambitions. Development of this report was supported by Lazar Treschan, Director of Policy and Impact at HERE to HERE.

Download Millennials_Report_Community_Service_Society_September2020.pdf