1. Bain & Company: MAKING THE LEAP

    Ensuring students succeed in a rapidly changing economy requires moving beyond the traditional educational construct of study-then-work, to an approach that combines classroom instruction with relevant, real-world experience. This report from Bain & Company explores how, working collaboratively, we can build the promise of career-connected learning to scale.

    January 1, 2019

  2. Gold Standard Apprenticeship

    Gold Standard: The Swiss Vocational Education and Training System

    This report provides a comparative study of vocational education systems and an introduction to the Swiss Apprenticeship System—a model for HERE to HERE’s CareerWise New York, a youth apprenticeship system based in New York City.

    March 1, 2015

  3. Youth Employment Task Force Report

    The Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) has connected generations of New Yorkers to their first job. For young people from low-income families and communities with fewer work opportunities, SYEP plays a vital role in ensuring they receive the experience, skills, and compensation to advance toward adulthood and a successful career.

  4. Extending the High School Year Through Universal Summer Jobs For NYC Youth

    Participation in NYC’s Summer Youth Employment Program has been linked to a variety of academic benefits. This report from the Community Service Society (CSS) proposes that NYC expand these benefits through a baselined, universal initiative aimed at enhancing the education and career development of all NYC high school students—universal summer jobs for NYC youth.

  5. How to Make Universal Summer Jobs a Reality in NYC

    There is a dire need to increase career preparation opportunities for young people in New York City. This report presents lessons learned from model programs documented by Community Service Society (CSS) and guidance on how the city can enhance the existing Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP).