1. Uneven Outcomes

    Community Service Society of New York (CSS) finds that millennials face more housing uncertainty than older generations. As a part of NYC’s Covid recovery plan, the city must focus on the needs of low-income immigrants and New York-born millennials—ensuring more equitable labor and housing landscapes for all NYC millennials.

    September 21, 2020

  2. Opportunity Engines

    The Brookings Institution examines the role that colleges play in promoting upward mobility, pointing to significant variation across higher learning institutions in their enrollment of low-income students as well as the success of their students in achieving high-earnings as adults.

    May 19, 2020

  3. #SaveSYEP Action Toolkit

    In the summer of 2020, youth advocates and workforce development champions rallied to save the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP), which had been eliminated by the Mayor following the emergence of the Covid crisis. The #SaveSYEP campaign, led by youth at Teens Take Charge, was a pivotal part of the effort.

    April 20, 2020

  4. Designing and Implementing Work-Based Learning

    While postsecondary education continues to command a premium in the hiring market, employers consistently report having challenges finding and retaining skilled employees. This report positions work-based learning (WBL) as an essential and underutilized approach that benefits employers and students.

    November 1, 2019

  5. Career Ready NYC Report

    CareerReady NYC

    CareerReady NYC is a compact between NYC businesses, education systems, government, private funders, and service providers that seeks to open equitable opportunity paths to successfully launch young people into the world of work—it’s a shared commitment to supporting all young people on their journey toward career success and lifelong learning.

    August 1, 2019